Mike-Hall-2012Mike Hall
Darkstar Studios Creator & Artist of “Across the Multiverse” and “[sic] Productions”

Mike has been drawing since his hand could hold a pencil, but until 2004 it was always in a sketchpad and most of those sketchpads would end up in a box hidden deep within his closet. In 2004 an opportunity presented itself to allow Mike to bring his work to light in the form of a webcomic. His first attempts were, to his own admission, “very uninspired” and he quickly sought out the help of the international playboy, Brian Godwin to get the comic on track. Mike soon found himself with a writer and drawing full color comics on a weekly basis. After 4 years of drawing the [sic] Productions webcomic, it fell victim to life happenings and went on hiatus. Soon after, Mike decided to go out on his own and launched Darkstar Studios which housed his new comic “Across The Multiverse” and took over hosting of “[sic] Productions”.