Sorry I don’t really post alot of news, hopefully with the new site i’ll be a little better about it. I just wanted to thank you guys who still stick with the comic and for any new readers that are giving it a chance. I know I don’t have to tell you that i’m very random with updates and that has had alot to do with my work over the last…well for at least 4 years. Not to down my job at all, but it can be trying at times and when I get home i’m tapped…creatively. However, i’m happy to report that starting next week I will start my new job where I believe it will help bring back the creative juices that have been dormant these last few years…In fact I have been putting some of my best sketches on paper that I believe I have ever done, not to mention I finally upgraded my tablet and i’m hoping to streamline my inking process which will hopefully mean faster comic turn around.

Mind you this is all in the early phases, but i’m hoping this will really turn things around for me in the creative sense. So please bare with me as I make this life change and hopefully i’ll try and make it worth your patience!


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